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Funny Motivational Speaker

Great article. I have been a professional speaker for nearly 30 years. I can tell you that all conferences are always looking for engaging, entertaining and informative speakers and writers fit this theme perfectly.

In addition to the above tips, you should also have a great website that features not only your written work, but also your speaking talents. Do some free or low paying speeches and get some video. Edit and post to site. Get testimonials, as well. Study some SEO to get ranking. In time, they will start calling you, which is always easier than you calling them.

You don't need an agent - I have never used one. Today, more people search the net than ever before. They will find you.

Build your speaking business like your writing business. Step-by-step and work on your speaking skills as much as your writing.

Lynn is correct in stating that you will sell more books and make more money, as well as inspire and help others if you build your speaking business.

Bob Garner

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