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Excellent article...looking forward to the rest of this series. I agree that marketing and writing must go hand-in-hand. Prior to releasing my first book, I started to comment on blogs, went on a prerelease speaking tour, created a book trailer. All these efforts paid off...in the first two months following the release, I sold more than 200 books. Not bad for a newbie, especially considering that most books only ever sell about 100 copies.

There are a lot of blogs with advice about marketing and targeting audiences. Sift through to see what is a right fix for you. But please, return to this one—it has a lot of valuable and pragmatic advice.

Akfa Dreamland

It's great post, and I will be back for more. Thank you for your effort :)

Farsana Ashiq

Excellent article. Thank you for sharing such informative article. For all the readers, this article can become a guiding factor in making their outdoor media advertising more effective and organised. Please do keep sharing such valuable insights through articles. Hats off !

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