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I agree with what you said in one sentence really people who are filled with self-confidence is hard to get a negative review Thanks for a wonderful article.


I think self doubt certainly makes you work harder as you're concerned you're not fulfilling your potential.


That's quite a consolation! Lucky me!

Lawrence Derobillard

The write words at the right time. Thank you Tim. I have never shared my "writing" with anyone until now. I have just completed the first "possibly shareable" draft of my first NF memoir and cannot believe the self doubt I am feeling. How do I make it go away?

Tim Sunderland

Lawrence--Writing is like selling something. People don't like sales because they can't stand the rejection. My response is, "What's the worst they can say?" The worst they can say is, "No." They aren't going to take you out and shoot you. Same with writing. The worst they can say is they don't like it. Big deal. Also bear in mind, every opinion is personal, and consider the source.

You might look for a writer's critique group. They are invaluable when it comes to developing your writing and building self-confidence.

May Nancy61

Lawrence, I'm just getting started in the journey of becoming a writer. Enjoying your blog and particularly this article. Thanks. Looking forward to reading more...and writing!

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